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It's National Physical Therapy Month!

As leaves change and temperatures drop, October is most notably known for these fall changes. However, some of you may not be aware that October is also recognized as National Physical Therapy Month. As you continue through the words below, it is my hope to shed light on the field of physical therapy and the benefits it may bestow upon you.

Aches, pains, and strains… OH my! These are just a few of the symptoms that arise throughout our daily lives. Previously, it was intuitive to seek the care of your local primary physician. However, since the Spring of 2013 Kansans have had the ability to seek a physical therapist directly. Without requiring a physician order, those dealing with various muscle or joint pains can potentially cut costs and receive care shortly after symptoms arise from a PT.

At this point, you are potentially stricken with curiosity as to why PT? The straightforward answer, PT is a safe and effective treatment. With the ever-expanding opioid epidemic, that averages the loss of 130 lives per day, the physical therapy community has adapted the #ChoosePT Campaign. The purpose, spread our abundance of knowledge into the community, promote activity, and assist those in need. Whether recent or long standing, physical therapists are professionals trained to safely assist you through management of your symptoms.

As vital members of your community, your local physical therapist is armed with a wealth of knowledge. So, should you conclude this post with further uncertainties, I highly encourage you to reach out, ask them if PT is right for you!


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